Wednesday, July 20, 2005

david brent couldn't have said it better

god i hope this is true (i subscribe to a british gossip mailing list called popbitch. sometimes i have no idea who they're talking about - apparently big brother is actually popular in the uk - but i love the slang and general snarkiness). i love ricky gervais.

>> When Ricky met Paris <<

Miss Hilton gets a mouthful

Backstage at Live8 Ricky Gervais was at the side of the stage. Paris Hilton walked up to him and said how much she liked his stuff.

Ricky: "Have we met before?"
Paris: "Yes. I'm Paris Hilton"
Ricky: "Oh, sorry Paris, I didn't recognise you without a cock in your mouth."

Exit Paris in a huff.

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