Thursday, July 21, 2005

hungry like the wolf

"All You Get From Love Is A Love Song" - The Carpenters, from Singles (1969-1981)

so now you know that i am not making up the day's first shuffle song. i can admit to liking the carpenters.

it seems that a lot of my first shuffle songs start with an A. i wouldn't really notice this if i wasn't currently listening to every song from A-Z in order (i figure that this is the only way that i could possibly listen to each and every song. it is also a great filter - sometimes a total piece of shit song pops up - it's usually some filler no-name crap from a soundtrack - so i make sure to delete it as soon as possible). i realize how anal this exercise is, but i need projects to keep me occupied.

btw, i started this on july 2, listening to all songs in order, and i am only on song 649 of 10,020. at the rate i'm going, only listening to 34 songs a day, this will take me 295 days. i'll be done sometime next may. ummmm. god, i'm really an obsessive, aren't i?

anyway, i'm only in the B's - at songs that start with the word "baby." there's an album's worth.

so back to the carpenters. i don't care what anyone says - there is something so inherently dark about the carpenters that their sickly sweet songs are really just disturbed meloncholy masked with a bony hand and a big toothy grin. karen carpenter had a really cool voice AND she drummed, so mad props to karen. sorry you had intense body issues.

i can't think of any other famous person that died of an eating disorder. i mean, other than the impending deaths of the skanks that us weekly are always covering.

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Clay said...

Terri Schiavo, essentially.