Friday, July 22, 2005

lap of luxury

today's first shuffle song: "She Lives In My Lap" - OutKast, from The Love Below.

rosario dawson is featured on this track, but really she just laughs at the beginning. i got this album when it first came out because i looooved "hey ya!" (just like 3.7 billion other people) and i have fond memories of walking to the metro in dc to go to work, listening to Speakerboxx/The Love Below. i also listened to this album during one long drunken night in denver, after seeing REM with my brother and sister the day after thanksgiving, eating bad fast food and drinking and laughing. it's funny how what you were doing when you first heard a song, or an album played a large role in whatever you were doing, completely overrides the music itself. i firmly believe that music is more tied to memory than it is to mere enjoyment.

lollapalooza this weekend. happy.

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Anonymous said...

God, you're such an idiot. You don't deserve happiness.