Monday, July 11, 2005

Live 8 news and downloads: rad.

tony blair said that Live 8 actually did contribute to the G8 summit’s decisions; 18 of the poorest african countries’ debt will be forgiven and there is $25 billion pledged in aid. Read more here.

AND, here is a link to select performances from the Live 8 concerts. these were only available to aol subscribers but someone was all clever and posted them for us. i haven’t had time to watch any yet (and i bet downloading time might be a while, since everyone is hitting this at once) but the list looks quite promising.

holy shit! coldplay doing “bittersweet symphony” – WITH richard ashcroft. oh my god that makes me happy. that is my favorite song of all time, for reals.

why were good charlotte invited to be a part of anything even remotely cool and/or important? UB40 still exists (and they STILL perform “red red wine”)? jars of clay? toby keith?!?!!?!?!?!? I like how one of tim mcgraw’s songs is called “drugs or jesus” – i bet it’s really touching and will help lots of addicts overcome their life-threatening problems through his intelligent hybrid of cowboy hats and rockin keyboards.

i’m excited to see a lot of this. i don’t want to work any more, just sit at home and participate vicariously with the world through television and the internet, with the occasional foray into public to the movie theater and to get more cigarettes.

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SarahReznor said...

live 8 at was at my husband's best friend's birthday party watching the best and brightest of Jerusalem's christian youth swim around in a pocket size pool in the back yard of a richy building south of the city. god damn it.