Thursday, July 28, 2005

lolla day one

due to my jet-setter always-on-the-go day-to-night-barbie career lady lifestyle, i haven't had time to post about lolla yet. so now i will.

when i heard that lollapalooza was cancelled last year after its years-long hiatus, i was sad. i mean, i KNEW that the masses weren't clammoring for a two-day traveling festival featuring indie rock, especially when it hits your town on a tuesday and wednesday, but i really wanted it to work. the lineup was solid - morrissey, sonic youth, flaming lips, modest mouse, polyphonic spree, gomez, black rebel motorcycle club, and, err, the string cheese incident (ew) - and perry was all earnest about it, but it wasn't a huge surprise when it was cancelled. having one city adopt the festival as its home was a great move, and i was quite happy that chicago became its new home, and in grant park, which is a long gorgeous green space with lake michigan to the east and the city skyline to the west. it's not every day that you get to rock out with one of your favorite bands while the sears tower glowers over you and the lake breeze picks up. i just hope the tradition continues, because i would happily attend every year, even if i lost complete touch with all of the kool kids were listening to and was unsure of the lineup. perry ferrel will never die, and i hope his festival never does either.

i bought two weekend passes for $35 each on faith alone, knowing only the dates and the city, and it paid off. i was even more happy that out-of-town friends were coming to visit for the weekend, and while chicago still doesn't feel like home yet, lolla made me happy to be here.

so, here are some musings about the bands, the park, the weather, and the utter lack of hott indie boys. the syracusan has posted his version of events, which i pretty much agree with, other than the totally inappropriate shout-out to the lord of the rings at the end of day one's post.

...AND YOU WILL KNOW US BY THE TRAIL OF DEAD: sound good bouncing off of skyskrapers as you approach. saw a total of maybe five minutes, but i liked having a strong soundtrack to the entrance of the weekend.

KAISER CHIEFS: hyper brit pop is always appreciated. "i predict a riot" is damn catchy. it was a toss-up between the chiefs and liz phair, and, judging from the off-key mediocrity that was blasting from the southwest stage, i made the right choice. sorry liz. you used to be cool.

BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE: anton is a total retard (saying incomprehensible things like "i shit on urban culture" and "i am drunk with power!"). dreamy soundscapes of psychadelic guitar, blah blah blah. i was bored, so i talked to my friends. i only know about the bjm through Dig! and was wondering about the dual lineup of bjm on saturday and the dandy warhols on sunday - band feuds are so lame, especially if you're the bravery (playing saturday) and the killers (sunday) - and since the dandies appeared, disappeared and reappeared on the lolla website as a featured band.

CAKE: i needed a black bean burger ($5), frozen snickers ($1) and bud light ($5) so i just caught the tail end, which was some sort of boring rant about people who use their cell phones. joke bands don't age well.

BILLY IDOL: dude looks like an albino alligator, all strangely prehistoric and leathery. the old stuff rocked, the new stuff was lame, and not a boob was to be seen, despite the utter obviousness that if you're going to raise your shirt at lollapalooza, the billy idol show would be your opportunity. indie girls (minus the suicide girls) don't really do that. ps when is it time to start calling yourself "bill"?

PRIMUS: there was a hill next to the stage in the southeast corner of grant park that we staked out for prime pixies viewing, and one of the perks was to watch primus play on the southwest stage (large screen helped immensely). i never thought that i would care, but i was a little bit thrilled when "my name is mud" came up.

PIXIES: highlight of the day and one of the reasons i wanted to go to lolla anyway. my friends wouldn't let me carry my pixies messenger bag ("don't BE that guy" - or girl, as it was) despite needing to lug around a bunch of bullshit - i got it at the show they played in chicago at the aragon ballroom in november. that show was fucking awesome and so was this one. i took photos of how large the crowd was. they whipped through a bunch of kick-ass songs, one after another, relentless, no hellos or thank yous, just psychotic surf punk weirdo rock. they played a bunch of songs i wanted to hear (no "mr grieves," but they did play "number 13 baby" which gives a shout-out to six-foot girls). they do not look like the coolest band on the planet - fat old frank, 40-something recovering junkie kim, david is like a fucking magician in his spare time, and joey makes records with his wife that no one buys - but fuck you, they ARE.

WEEZER: i mostly don't give a shit about weezer. the pixies were what i was there for. after they played i sat back on the hill, sort of watched weezer play on the screen from the southwest stage, and peeled myself off the ground to go home, drink some beer, take a much-needed shower, and dread the coming weather. saturday was hot, no doubt, but sunday, i knew, would be an entirely different story altogether.

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