Tuesday, July 19, 2005

reconstructing fables, fabling reconstruction, whichever

today's first song on shuffle: "Auctioneer (Another Engine)" - REM, from Fables of the Reconstruction

i told you that my ipod plays a lot of rem when on shuffle.

this is from one of their older, denser records - back before they were really famous and when they were basically just fucking awesome. around this time you could start to understand what stipe was mumbling, and a lot of songs seemed to be about trains and the south. all of their videos from this time period are slow and weird, but it was 1985, so they have a good excuse. the video for "Can't Get There From Here" is kinda goofy - i still really like that song - but all of the others were just footage of georgia swamp trees or some old man's metal whirlygig collection planted into a grassy hill. arty? possibly. boring? definitely.

when i bought it, at the impressionable little age of 14, the fact that "fables of the reconstruction" and "reconstruction of the fables" could be used interchangeably for the name of this album made my feeble little mind just totally trip out with how brilliant this band was.

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