Friday, July 29, 2005

safe for work . . . technically

my friend jms had a strindberg and helium shirt on this weekend, which i had never heard of, so we watched it on the cyberweb and it was charming and weird.

watch it here.

so then my friend hbs realizes that we have never seen salad fingers before, and we all sat and uncomfortably watched. it made my skin crawl.

here is a disclaimer from the website that hosts it:
WARNING! These will upset children and the elderly, and please watch these at your own risk if you are doing acid or mushrooms. No complaints, I've warned you.



HBS said...

it's hilarious that salad fingers comes up in so many conversations. i was actually talking about him last night (and your reaction to it). the most recent installment is meta creepy as feck. ooph...

feb said...

i want to bang helium.