Wednesday, July 20, 2005

some mistakes are bigger than others

two men have adapted songs from the smiths for some sort of tribute/ musical/ stage production that sounds like it has very little plot but a lot of melodrama. read about it here.

"some girls are bigger than others" has received mixed reviews and wants to come to the states. the article doesn't do a great job of describing what the show is like, but it sounds pretty crappy. perhaps not as crappy as most pop-star adaptations that broadway has been hosting. a story that is narrated through the music of billy joel sounds like absolute vomit to me.

regardless, it sounds like the perfect project for this guy: They sifted through the Smiths' songs and planned their format; at first, they considered using an all-woman cast. Among the reasons they decided to arrange the music for a string quartet, Mr. Allen said, was that those "were the instruments that frightened me the most."

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