Wednesday, August 24, 2005

braggy mcbraggerson

there is a function on my ipod called "music quiz" under games. i have mentioned this to other ipod-carrying friends and they are not familiar with it - i think that the minis don't have it, and some people don't do much with their ipods other than listen to music. not that i am the kind of person who plays cell phone games or downloads tetris to play on my laptop. there is a woman at work who, after logging out at night (we are required to "punch" out, which i hadn't had to do since i worked at target in high school), plays a few games of solitaire. like, she stays late, at work, to play. this strikes me as quietly tragic.

anyway, "music quiz" is a favorite bus activity for me. there is a list of five songs from your music collection and it plays a few seconds from the middle of the song. the answers slowly disappear, so you get a head's up and all, and you scroll and click to submit your answer. it's funny to listen to the five seconds and be like, "oh, i forgot how much i love that song," as well as "i own that?" and "no, i couldn't possibly like this."

every time you plug your ipod into your computer to update it, it resets "music quiz" so that you're never subjected to playing the same game twice, though it only goes to 100 before the songs start repeating themselves. so i always play to 100 and i usually get about 80 right. which is like a B average (or B-). not bad considering my ipod currently has 10,026 songs and there is no way that i am familiar with all of them. sometimes i make good guesses, or the song clip that is playing just so happens to have the same lyrics as the name of the song.

last night i took the bus up to andersonville to meet up with a middle school (!) friend that i recently reconnected with, and i decided to play music quiz. i got a 97, bitch!!!! i was a little bit amazed that i had hit 40 and had yet to be wrong. i can't say if my sudden authority has anything to do with the fact that i am obsessively listening to all songs A-Z in order (except for all of the songs that start with the word "christmas" - and there are many of them, for whatever reason i really like holiday music - i'll wait til a more seasonally-appropriate time to go back to those) or if i just got lucky, but for one glimmering moment i had impressed myself. and then i remembered that no one would give a shit. but whatevs. for one brief bus ride, i ruled.

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the syracusan said...

your staggering lameness truly knows no bounds.