Monday, August 22, 2005

good background music for your D&D tournament

today's first shuffle song on ipod: "Houdini" - Kate Bush, from The Dreaming

kate bush is one part siouxsie sioux, one part yoko ono, one part stonehenge, one part tori amos' mom, one part goblin, one part bag lady with sticks and dirt in her hair, one part anne rice novel but somehow more literary, one part xanadu, and . . . ummm . . . well, she's weird. it's a good kind of weird, though i prefer to listen to her by myself, because it's not really the kind of music that you turn up in your car and sing along to on a road trip or play at a party, because she's really not for everyone. she is to the english countryside as bjork is to iceland - the weird creature who makes sometimes creepy but overall cool bizarro music. as insanely nerdy as it is, i LOVE the song "wuthering heights," where she sings to heathcliff from catherine's perspective (as in "heathcliff, it's me, cathy, i've come home, i'm so cold, let me into your window.") she has a very distinct voice, part creepy british child and part banshee.

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