Wednesday, August 31, 2005

i'm blind (but i ain't that blind yet)

i saw the white stripes at the congress theater tonight. the first hour of the show was jack and meg playing the album get behind me satan in its entirety, in order. strange. he didn't play all of "take, take, take" though - it was more like "take ta-" and then he wandered away from the piano. the second half of the show was straight-up rock, with mostly songs from white blood cells and elephant. my friend mc was pretty happy to hear "death letter." not to complain, but i didn't totally feel it this time. there were a few songs i would have liked to hear, we were on probably the fourth tier of the balconies, the group of fratastic/coked-up guys in front of us needed lobotomies (how many times can you give a high-five in one evening?), i am going blind (see below), and this is the fifth time i've seen them. it's hard to start loving a band when they're playing to 200 people (tops) and you get to say hello to them on the street in front of the club and they watch their own opening bands from the crowd and then, four years later, you're paying $50 to be in a concert hall (no booze, no smokes, velvet-covered chairs) and not totally digging it because now they're Rock Stars when before they were just a band you really liked. not that i bemoan the success of bands that deserve to be well-loved, but it makes going to see them not as fun as it used to be.

jack has become more friendly towards the crowd - he even asked "how are you doing?" after about 45 minutes. his stage persona has evolved into a cross between robert plant, an ancient former sharecropper, and vincent price. plus he has a freddie mercury thing going on but dialed down a lot (i think it's the pants and the piano). meg sang her creepy song "passive manipulation" while playing big kettle drums and sat on the floor, watching, as jack played piano and sang "i'm lonely (but i aint that lonely yet)."

i don't know if i couldn't see very well because we were so far away or if it's because i went to the eye doctor today to complain about my contacts and they found a tear on my retina. they thoroughly freaked me out - i have to go see an eye surgeon tuesday morning. motherFUCK this past week, for reals. if they have to laser me, i hope i get an eyepatch to wear (temporarily).

here is a photo of my eye dilated. i look like i'm tripping.

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lostsatellite said...

how many times can you give a high-five in one evening?

that statement reminds me of when I saw Nine Inch Nails for the first (and only) time...I still have this image of ridiculously drunk people doing just that, and making me realize how fucking _corny_ that gesture can really be...

the Tori show on Wednesday night was pretty amazing...I do wish she pulled out more of the non-slow songs, and that she did more than one song each off of Boys for Pele and From the Choirgirl Hotel...I nearly fell asleep when she played "The Beekeeper" because it seemed to go on without an end in sight...but she had this amazing version of "God" that was intertwined with Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill" that gave me chills...she also covered "The Blower's Daughter" and "The Rose"...and she looked like a fucking goddess...and blew me away with the way she can move from a piano to an organ to a keyboard and play two of them at the same completely redeemed how disconnected I felt with her performance she did at the Marcus Ampitheater in 1999 with Alanis Morissette...