Monday, August 08, 2005

i'm not really in love very often.

today's first shuffle song on ipod: "I'm Always In Love" - Wilco, from Summerteeth

i first saw wilco open for rem in 1999. i was like "nice. now bring out stipe." because, really, i was in the sixth row, having flown to chicago from new hampshire for the show (i still do things like that), and i wasn't really all that concerned with who was opening. in fact, i figured that they were just some southern roots rock band that peter buck liked. my brother highly suggested that i get summerteeth when it came out - he said that it was rock for adults. and it is - it's sweet and smart and sad sometimes, but always interesting. i fell in love with this album, so by the time wilco started touring for yankee hotel foxtrot, i kept going to see them whenever they came to dc, and i saw the documentary at visions (RIP). i saw them at the 9:30 club in dc two weeks after sept 11, and i felt weird about just going out to the rock show and getting some beers when really everything seemed like it should still be stilted and raw. come to think of it, i listened to summerteeth and being there a lot that fall (being there's "sunken treasure" still kills me). but i also listened to a lot of ac/dc post-sept-11, pre-feel-normal, so maybe there isn't a lot to that.

wilco is chicago-based (the marina towers condo buildings are the kool architecture featured on yankee hotel) and i have heard of jeff tweedy sightings at random suburban malls.

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