Wednesday, August 17, 2005

i'm not sayin my baby's a saint cuz he aint but i'll beat the shit out of you anyway

first ipod shuffle song today: "Fist City" - Loretta Lynn, from Country Hall of Fame

aww, snap, i'm happy that this song popped up, because it's truly brilliant. when i worked at nascc in dc, my friend (and now vp of nascc - very impressive) mob would bring me music to check out, including a lot of the Tragic Ladies Of Old Skool Country. loretta is one of them, and she is seriously rad. if you haven't heard van lear rose, which was produced by jack white, you should check it out, but don't like her merely for her white stripes connection. this woman was the coal miner's daughter, for god's sake - from butcher hollow (kentucky), poor as dirt, married at 14, supported her cheating drunkard husband (who she loved until the day he died) and the four kids she had by the time she was 17 with her music. ghetto rappers that complain about how hard their lives were have nothing on her.

she wrote a lot of really awesome songs that were quite scandalous for their times. "the pill" is about how she can finally fuck her husband without getting pregnant, "out of my head and back in my bed" is about going out to the bars to fetch your ex, "your squaw is on the warpath" is a rather un-pc way of telling your husband that you're pissed, "don't come home a drinkin with lovin on your mind" (pretty self-explanatory) . . . here, i found this online: "In her heyday, Lynn was no stranger to controversy. She had more banned songs than any other artist in the history of country music, including Rated X (about the double standards divorced women face), Wings Upon Your Horns (about the loss of teenage virginity), and most famous, The Pill (about a wife and mother becoming liberated via birth control)."

but i must say that "fist city" is my favorite. the lyrics are so badass; especially when you consider that the song came out in 1968, and it's about beating up a woman that says she slept with your husband. sample: "But the man I love when he picks up trash/He puts it in a garbage can/And that's what you look like to me/And what I see is a pity/You'd better close your face and stay out of my way/If you don't wanta go to Fist City."

the best line in a song ever is "you better move your feet if you don't wanna eat a meal that's called fist city."

random: crystal gayle is loretta's sister. she's the pretty lady that i used to watch on bad early 80s variety tv shows who had the crazy-ass hair down to the floor.

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