Thursday, August 25, 2005

insert headline about jets, preferably a punny one, here

today's first ipod shuffle song: "Look What You've Done" - Jet, from Get Born

yes, it's totally derivative, but i like this album a lot - they're aussies, they're kinda dirty, they clearly like the beatles and the stones. i saw them open for the kings of leon in dc and bought the album before the ipod commercials featuring "are you gonna be my girl?" came out. if i hadn't seen them prior to that commerical, i probably would have stayed away, because that song is technically great but also feels really manufactured and formulaic.

what am i talking about? i'm tired.

here, look at this: it's pretty.

also, since jet clearly wishes that it had been a part of the brit rock revivial, here is a great article on what the charts looked like a decade ago in england, when britpop was born.

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Sarah said...

OMG, how much do I love looking at the top of the pops chart they show in that britpop article. That freaking Scatman song!!!!