Tuesday, August 16, 2005

not as exciting as seeing jack white on the street, but better than seeing victoria jackson at the airport.

my brother (tb) and i went to get some thai food for lunch (we work just a few blocks away from one another) and then went to the virgin megastore to check out the new tuesday releases (nothing exciting). we were smoking cigarettes out front when duff mckagan from guns n fuckin roses (as well as velvet revolver) came out of the store and walked past, crossing the street with his virgin bag. i didn't see his face but tb said that he looked OLD. he was wearing black jeans, a black tank top, and a black baseball hat, and his long bleached out hair was scraggly. lots of tattoos. looked like he weighs 140 when wet.

i didn't have the time to ask him what it was like to be one of the last people to see kurt cobain alive. next time, i guess.

just to ensure that this wasn't another fraudulent sighting (like billy bob) i went onto the cyberweb and saw that velvet revolver is playing the illinois state fair tomorrow. awwww, c'mon now. that's SAD.

(maybe not as sad as the fact that my buddy tc is going to go see meatloaf at the allentown county fair in ohio next weekend).

odd juxtoposition: a pbs interview with duff and matt.

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TC said...


ok, not really...but, damn, it was a funny show. and learning that someone actually is going to commission Bat Out of Hell III (i'm not kidding) is priceless.

p.s. i <3 your blog.