Wednesday, August 24, 2005

not to be melodramatic, but . . .

today's first shuffle song on ipod: "One" - Aimee Mann, from the Magnolia soundtrack

i love this song. it brings me back to a very special time. picture me in a "garden-level" (basement) new hampshire apartment in the dead of winter in 2000, working on an oscar the grouch cross-stitch i purchased with the sole purpose of giving my hands something to do other than chainsmoke. sitting on a futon in my front room, all alone with my stereo and the magnolia soundtrack in constant rotation. the two friends i had in new hampshire lived 45 minutes away (one to the southeast, one to the northwest), so every now and then i would treat myself to a six-pack of raspberry cider jack (a true indulgence - the americorps paid me $600 a month and food stamps don't cover booze, surprisingly), work on a short story that was inevitably about a girl who wonders what went wrong, and ponder the lyrics to this song. one is the loneliest number indeed.

addendum, 12:48 pm on thursday: so my friend ecf has a blog that he is mighty proud of, full of his own witty comments and i suppose he tries to post photos to make it look somewhat better, so he considers himself some sort of blog authority. i have actually had to remove an entire post because of his comment that outed me and where i work after i left an angry "why am i in atlanta?" post. i have few rules for myself, but one of them is not to be too personal on my blog and the other is to not talk about work, so i suppose by being an asshole he was actually helping me out. anyway, he just sent me an email demanding that i remove the bad pun i had used in this entry - the "man(n), i love this song." i knew it was retarded when i typed it, but please. this is the same fellow that once critiqued a post by saying that it was totally cliche-ridden and poorly executed. why is he my friend? and why do i let him bully me into changing my posts, no matter how dumb they may be?

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