Friday, August 05, 2005

rave review from the ny times

is it for the latest kevin spacey heavy-handed-drama-with-moments-seemingly-filmed-precisely-for-the-clip-that-they-show-at-the-oscars-while-naming-off-the-nominees, burn-victim-who-needs-love-too drama? no. maybe the speilberg-produced, universal-message-of-love-and-tolerance-as-seen-through-the-eyes-of-a-peaceful-alien-and-slash-or-a-jewish-kid? nope.

ta da! it's for the aristocrats!

while this sentence - "possibly the filthiest, vilest, most extravagantly obscene documentary ever made" - does not seem like they're about to qualify it with "but you need to see it," they also make it sound all smart and shit by adding, "It also takes you deep into the land of the id, not just of individual comedians (some of whom have pretty scary ids), but also into that murky collective terrain of desire, regression and fear where we all started out and where a few brave souls remain to make a living."

i made my atlanta flight arrangements this week. i ought to be back in town around rush hour the day it comes out, as i feel as if this needs to happen immediately.

the review also said the movie "works on the mind as well as the funny bone and the gag reflex," and since i only have two of those (wink), i have been looking forward to this movie for like the past 8 months.

on a related note, my friend cd had forwarded me some info earlier in the week that some people think that the aristocrats joke was actually invented by penn himeself, and thus the history of the joke was a lie and thus the movie is and of itself the punchline (how meta), but in all actuality, some other computer nerd found the evidence that the others were looking for. if that's not too insanely dorky for you to care about, click here.

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