Monday, August 29, 2005

roger ebert smack-down: the sequel

ag was telling me about a review she had read about a movie called chaos that basically said "i hate this movie and i never want to see it again." this is the same movie i had seen advertised on the marquee of a dumpy theater near my apartment (tb told me that the entire theater smells like piss) - that's a photo (that i did not take) of it to the left. just the name of the website - - is a big taunt, so we looked it up, saw the trailer (not very informative), saw some stills from the movie (wish i hadn't) and saw that the filmmakers had posted not only roger ebert's original review (zero stars) but a letter that they had written to ebert and his response to the letter. i'll be damned if he isn't delivering some of the best zero-star reviews ever written lately (and let's face it, glowing reviews are boring to read; slams are so much more creative and entertaining). not only did he hate chaos, he had utter fucking poetry to say about the role of art, and wondered about the movie "why do we need this shit?"

the producers of chaos claim (unconvincingly) that the movie is supposed to be a "warning" to parents, hitch hikers, and, well, i guess for anyone who leaves their house or trusts humanity. ebert says, "Animals do not know they are going to die, and require no way to deal with that implacable fact. Humans, who know we will die, have been given the consolations of art, myth, hope, science, religion, philosophy, and even denial, even movies, to help us reconcile with that final fact. What I object to most of all in Chaos is not the sadism, the brutality, the torture, the nihilism, but the absence of any alternative to them. If the world has indeed become as evil as you think, then we need the redemptive power of artists, poets, philosophers and theologians more than ever."

chaos has a 3 (out of 100) on metacritic. i usually end up seeing movies that are this hated, just so i can know how bad it is. i can't force myself to watch this.

addendum: thanks for the spelling correction, anonymous. next time leave your name so i know who's more ocd than myself.

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Anonymous said...

"sequel" is spelled "s-e-q-u-e-l" not "s-e-q-u-a-l"... unless "sequal" is a purposeful mispelling, or a play on words...

if so, I don't get it.