Thursday, August 25, 2005

thanks mom

my mother sent me an email forward not too long ago about how mars would be the closest to earth that it has been in millennia on august 27. for some reason i guess i forgot that this news is very 2003, and so i have been thinking about how i should look for it soon. i think i have even been mentioning this to people, which makes me seem retarded.

so i took the bus home with ag today, and i mentioned it to her and she started laughing and was like "yeah, i got that forward too - like two years ago. it was a big deal then. people were actually talking about it, it was all over the news. have you heard anything about it this year from anyone other than an email forward?"

since most of my mother's email forwards have to do with jesus or optical illusions, i should have realized this a long time ago.

if it's any consolation to myself, mars IS coming back, and before the year 2287 - it will sort of be near (and visible) on halloween of this year. so mark your calendars (correctly).


Sarah said...

They actually did a spot about this on NPR a week or two ago, in that science-y 5 minute program they do at the end of the 8 o'clock hour (on WETA, anyway) called "Block and Bird for Earth and Sky."

[el scorpio] said...
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Anonymous said...

could i go to hell for suggesting that jesus was really good at optical illusions?

mom would cry if she knew that you had a blog and read your nasty words.