Wednesday, August 03, 2005

well, SOMETHING had to pay for all of the rehab

today's first shuffle song on ipod: "Floyd the Barber (Live)" - Nirvana, from With the Lights Out (long-delayed-due-to-money-grubbing-lawsuits box set)

i both recommend and do not recommend the nirvana box set that came out, finally, at christmas. i recommend it if you can burn it from someone, like i did, but not if you have to drop the $55 it retails for (though you can get it for under $20 used on amazon). most of the songs are for die-hard fans only - home recordings, their first shows (tape quality: horrible), songs that would never have seen the light of day if kurt was still alive. kinda like the stuff that jeff buckley's mom keeps releasing - if it was ever committed to tape, you can get it on the latest-release version of the same cds they keep putting out. now, i fucking LOVE jeff buckley, and if there were two rock n roll deaths of the last 20 years that hurt the most, it would be jeff and kurt, but releasing every live track ever recorded and the total crap that they made while fucking around in the studio or on a 4-track in their basement only erodes the public opinion that they were infallible music gods, and you shouldn't fuck with fans' dead-hero worship, because they will only resent you for it.

nor should you release their journals as coffeetable books. poor kurt. had he known, he would have stayed alive just out of spite.


the syracusan said...

That's a bold statement that Kurt Cobain and Jeff Buckley were the two biggest losses in rock in the last 20 years. Way to go out on a limb. I mean, seriously, that dude from Sublime touched people. Plus, who can forget Metallica's first bassist and the guy from Blind Melon?

scissors happy said...

yeah, i really had to weigh my options. gg allin? jerry garcia? that dimebag guy from pantera? rob from milli vanilli?