Friday, August 19, 2005

you can fight the seether if you really try

i have always really liked veruca salt, even though i know that they're not the best band ever. their first single, and indeed what got me to purchase their album american thighs when i was in high school, is "seether" - in which the chorus claims that you "can't fight the seether." stephen walsh disagrees (from mcsweeney's, of course, which was forwarded to me by jk, as usual).

Ways One Could, in Theory, Fight the Seether.


Challenge the Seether to meet you at high noon.

Knock over the Seether's tray in the cafeteria and tell it to meet you in the playground after school.

Take the Seether into the Thunderdome (although this might be difficult considering the "two men enter, one man leaves" rule, because, hey, it's not a man, it's the Seether).

Insult the honor of the Seether's dojo.

Kidnap a family member of the Seether to lure it into your lair for one-on-one combat. (Elaborate cat-and-mouse game involving leaving clues as to location of lair required.)

Respond militarily to the Seether's invasion of Poland.

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