Wednesday, September 28, 2005

and your sister. i think her name's debra.

today's can't-escape song: "Debra" - Beck, from Midnight Vultures

it wasn't the first shuffle song of the day (that honor belongs to "Love Like Ours" by Elastica, from The Menace, and i seriously love that band) but i listened to "debra" first on the bus going to meet eb for dinner (i am in the Ds on my mildly-obsessive "must now listen to all songs from A to Z" kick) and then, about 20 minutes later, it was playing in the pasta bowl, one of my favorite standby places to get inexpensive italian food, plus they serve boddingtons. i love this song - i got Midnight Vultures at the virgin megastore in manhattan when my brother and i went for my birthday in 2000 and we listened to this album on the drive from connecticut (where we had ditched the car) back to new hampshire. due to nothing to occupy my time with during my year in nh, i listened to a lot of music on previously-unheard-of levels of dedication. if my copy of this album had been on vinyl i would have worn the needle down to a nub and if it had been a cassette it would have shredded. this song is fantastic because it channels prince while also offering classic lines like "i'm gonna step to you with a fresh pack of gum" and "i said lady, step inside my hyundai."

it makes me really sad that beck is a scientologist. in his defense, he was raised in the cult, so i guess that's better than being sucked in as soon as you become semi-famous and you have more cash than you know what to do with and you're impressionable and open to completely retarded ideas like xenu and thetans, but juliet lewis was raised as a scientologist, too, and as far as i can see she's pretty mentally damaged, so maybe i'll just respect beck for his creative musical genius and hope that he isn't a total tool in his personal life.

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