Thursday, September 29, 2005

better than the gates

do you like pink bunnies? gigantic, soft, mountainside public art installations of pink bunnies? with faces that are kinda scary and with their entrails hanging out of the side? wanna go to italy? not today? maybe sometime in the next 20 years?

my non-alive bff is named brown bunny and is about a foot tall with floppy ears and is missing an eye and used to have an orange felt carrot glued to his paw but i apparently ripped it off when i was teething so for the last 27 years he has just had a dark orange felt circle on his right arm and he must have had a mouth at one point but i don't remember it ever being anything more than the small spot of red felt that is still attached. he lives on the floor between my bed and the wall.

the pink outdoor bunny is going to look and smell really fucking disgusting really quickly.


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