Friday, September 16, 2005

catching up

i've been busy. too busy to clean my room, too busy to do my laundry, and even, tears, too busy to blog. but i took the day off, and chicago is living up its nickname today - it's gray and drizzling and the trees are bending every which way in the wind - so i shall now catch up.

rm sent me an even better anderson cooper article. it delves more into his personal life and history, and he even attempts to explain himself in a self-aware "i hate talking about myself" way, and i am so not alone in my admiration, but you should check it out if you have any doubts that he is an interesting and thoughtful badass. ps: sorry i sent you that teddy bear wearing a suit and then showed up all pissed off that you never thanked me. don't you know that nothing says "i love you" more than a teddy bear in your image? other than a teddy bear wearing a t-shirt that says "#1 Lover"?

remember when cheney acted like the class-act that he is when he told sen. leahy to go fuck himself on the senate floor? well, the wizard of oz himself was down in mississippi blathering on in his inhuman "i will eat your soul" way to cnn in a decimated neighborhood when a resident, who has been described in the press as an ER doctor AND in a punk band, yelled off camera that cheney ought to go fuck himself. it's found here - cheney just sort of laughs it off and even makes some sort of joke about how (i think he says) it must be "a friend of john . . . uh, never mind." the guy that yelled out at him has a website that shows what happened to what used to be his house - the website is called, in an understatement, "Hurricane Katrina Sucked." ps: is that william kennedy smith standing next to the dick?

people need little heartwarming stories in the face of horrific tragedy to take a break from the feeling that the world is ugly and hopeless. i like this one a lot and i just hope that they are brought back to shore before whomever runs this website gets to them first.


Anonymous said...
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the syracusan said...

I can't believe my work internet filter blocks but it's happy to let me check out the Penis Unicorns and the Dolphin Sex websites.

Anonymous said...

Anderson Cooper might be gay???? That is terrible news! No wonder lesbianism is on the rise.

Anonymous said...

Anderson Cooper MIGHT be gay?? If you, my blogging friend, like Anderson Cooper - then he IS gay. With Love, your gay bff.

Do you like anyone who ISN'T gay?