Thursday, September 29, 2005

craig's list

cd's coworker needs to find a new roommate, so she posted an ad on craig's list. i totally feel her pain, as i had to do the same this summer in a last-ditch attempt to be able to keep my apartment when former roommate em moved to philly for grad school. i posted an ad on craig's list and received all sorts of annoying/inexplicable/weird emails. i ought to post some of them for you - i'm sure they're all still filed away on gmail. i ended up finding someone who i am still under the impression isn't planning on eating my soul.

so cd's coworker's friends replied to her post with the following email. pretty awesome.

Hello. I saw you ad on CL. Your apartment looks great. I am looking for a
new apartment in you area and have a few questions.

Are you open to redecorating? I have a couple of pieces of art I would love
to hang. One is a nude are you OK with that.

Do you have a boy/girl friend? If so do they stay over a lot? Are you loud
behind closed doors? This is a little personal but this is why I'm moving
out of my current apartment.

Do you mind pets? I have a rabbit and a gerbil.

A little about me:

I'm a magician, hence the rabbit. The gerbil is my friend.
I single and social active.
The only parties I bring home I'll take to my room.
I am not a dramatic wack job.

If you’re interested in me as a roommate let me know. I would love to met
you and see the place.

Max Magic

BTW here is a painting of me.


Anonymous said...

Who ever did that is a f-ing riot!

Anonymous said...

I would cover this person's first month's rent in exchange for the painting.

Anonymous said...

i would stay very far away from this guy!