Monday, September 05, 2005

i think the name of this website is actually kinda annoying.

my friend sf's uncle is a programmer and told him about the new web project he's working on, soundflavor ( it's in beta right now but i checked it out and it seems pretty cool. it's like a friendster community and itunes rolled into one. you create playlists so that the program can get a sense for what you like (all based on the actual music, not what a record company or amazon wants to sell you) and then offers a page of recommendations. supposedly, when it gets rolling, you'll be able to make recommendations to other people and see what they're listening to and make new music nerd friends.

i made a playlist of ten of my all-time favorite songs; they being in no particular order 1) what is the light? - flaming lips 2) bittersweet symphony - the verve 3) oh! you pretty things - david bowie 4) strange currencies - r.e.m. 5) heart-shaped box - nirvana 6) as - stevie wonder 7) 6'1" - liz phair 8) there's no home for you here - white stripes 9) touch, feel & lose - ryan adams 10) la la love you - pixies. they did not have spoon, and a lot of the songs that i would have added to my top ten are on the website but for whatever reason aren't included in the program's analysis (which they tell you but don't explain why).

so based on those ten songs, the top ten recommended songs they gave me included songs by lush (with an 86% as far as relevancy is concerned, however relevant their relevancy percentage is), JJ72, supergrass, pj harvey, jeremy toback, folk implosion, another JJ72 song, the cranes, radiohead and the coral. i have not heard of JJ72 or jeremy toback, and i am unfamiliar with some of the songs they recommended. why those particular songs by pj harvey, supergrass and radiohead were chosen i don't know, as they aren't really ones that i would pick as their best.

i'm going to keep playing around with this. i don't think i'm going to post a profile, though - seems a bit creepy.

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