Friday, September 16, 2005


here is a short show review.

bloc party/the kills/the noisettes at the congress theater, 9.14.05

the noisettes sucked. i liked her british accent, but her singing was like linda perry, except a lot faster and shrill.

i saw the kills in dc in april, and that show was better, maybe because they did an entire set and weren't opening. w (real name alison) writhes and freaks out, which is cool, but it seems pre-meditated and showy when she comes out and immediately starts shaking and dry-humping the air. hotel (real name: jamie) seems pretty badass, cold and british, but he did a super cheesy move at the end of one song, holding his guitar neck and turning it toward the crowd like it was a machine gun. or something. yawn. they played a lot of songs off of "no wow," which i was pretty obsessed with for months, and a few new ones, and "fried my little brains" from the first album. i like how raw they are, and full of menacing sexual tension, but it seemed more like a put-on the second time around. photo to the left is from their show in dc (which i stole off of someone else's blog a while ago). also, it was miked really badly, so you could barely hear hotel and i only knew what w was singing because i have "no wow" basically memorized.

bloc party was . . . forgive me . . . boring. i just don't do well seeing guitar-dance-rock neo-brit-pop - the franz ferdinand show bored me, and i bet interpol would bore me. i was drunk, sure, which usually helps, and i do like bloc party, but everything sounded the same to me, and it's quite different to like an album and enjoy a show. i'm sure a little bit of it had to do with the inexplicable crowd - lots of normal-looking easily-excited kids that knew every word and screamed a lot. maybe i'm getting too old for all-ages shows, and maybe i'm a misanthrope, but where have all the kool kids gone? the ones that stand with their arms folded across their chests and nod to the music, staring intently, politely clap and yell between songs if and only if they are enjoying what they hear? what's with the spazzes that i see infiltrating shows that i would never imagine i would feel too old to be at? they're waving their arms, they're screaming, they're acting like they're at a dashboard confessional show. they're also walking up to my friend jk and asking if he has any weed to sell him. jk and i were smoking cigarettes in between bands and some dummy asked him, really unsuave and totally begging to be busted for someday asking an undercover cop, if he had any. mind you, this was a doors-at-six-show-at-seven event, so we just went right after work for bad mexican food and booze next to the theater, and jk was wearing a polo shirt and nice pants. i can't judge a band on its fans, but who are these people, and how do i keep seeing them at shows? they're ruining it for me.


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This has nothing to do with your post. I just want to make sure that you saw this:

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hey SH, thought you'd like to check this out - i love trent...

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You're awesome. I heart. This is the coolest blog I've seen on here in quite some time.