Monday, September 12, 2005

maybe not the coolest ever, but i don't care.

today's first shuffle song on ipod: "Love and Affection" - Joan Armatrading, from Greatest Hits.

not the coolest song ever. not the coolest musician ever. but she's pretty awesome - one of the first black folk singers to become famous - she's from st kitts but moved to the uk when she was young and was a huge influence on tracy chapman. i saw her at wolftrap in virginia in 2000, when i reconnected with a college friend that was living in fairfax and i was in dc. it was a rather tame evening. anyway, i like joan, when i want to listen to mellow folky jazzy love-ish songs. mandy moore actually does a fairly credible cover of joan's song "drop the pilot" on her coverage album. i am not ashamed to admit that mandy's cover of elton john's "mona lisas and mad hatters" is really great - better than the original, in fact.

oh, itunes is letting me download the new david gray album now, an hour before i suppose they're allowed to let me. tuesdays mean new records are out. i like tuesdays. i pre-ordered, probably because i think they said that i would get an exclusive track as well as a "digital booklet." i have never taken advantage of any of the pre-sale orders on itunes before, so we'll see if it's actually a great deal to pre-pay.

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