Wednesday, September 21, 2005

not-boring-or-overtly-depressing-news roundup

swearing is universal and visceral and, um, fucking great. leave it to the times to make it sound so smart.

simon the nazi hunter: this man did more in an average afternoon than i will ever do in my entire life.

math is boring and everything, but this article explains why when you hit "shuffle" on your ipod, it doesn't seem as random as it should, but that's the beauty of randomness. ha - listen to me act like i understand algorithms. flash forward: it is going to be soooo 2005 to try to relate every topic imaginable to the ipod. i'll probably be really embarrassed by how ipod-obsessed this blog is. scrath that: i will be really embarrassed that i BLOGGED.

i'm not quite sure i understand how the fact that kate moss is a drug-addled loser is suddenly news, but she lost her h&m job over it, and the times actually wrote about it. now maybe h&m can spend that cash they just saved by maybe designing clothes that aren't manufactured by sweatshop children with staplers. i'm actually surprised to learn that she is a mere 31 - wasn't she famous when i was like seven and we were the same weight?

std vaccines! i like how the tribune adds the mea culpa "but for children" in the headline. the fact that i was a child pre-internet, pre-ipod and pre-std-vaccine is just UNFAIR. kids these days. they don't know how lucky they got it. of course, the moral outrage of giving children a green light to avoid debilitating, life-threatening and un-hott disease was expected. shut up, dummies.

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Anonymous said...

"scrath that" - you DO have a lisp!!!