Tuesday, September 13, 2005

okay, now i'm getting really uncool

today's first shuffle song on ipod: "Merry-Go-Round" by the Brady Bunch, from It's A Sunshine Day: The Brady Bunch's Greatest Hits

so, no, i do not make up what the day's first shuffle song is. clearly. i used to really like - um, no, scratch that, i was mildly obsessed - with the brady bunch. my mother wouldn't let us get cable when i was growing up to save us from sex, drugs and r'n'r, which clearly worked, so i watched a lot of the bradys in syndication. i loved it - the bad clothes, the stupid scripts, the trite happiness and hard lessons learned. i bought greg's memoir, taped episodes off of fox, and really wanted to go see the real live brady bunch, which was a group of smartasses performing brady bunch scripts word-for-word way-off-broadway. i was also mildly obsessed with r.e.m. when i was 16, so the two intersected into a perfect moment when i purchased this cd at wuxtry records in athens, ga, the same record store that peter buck worked and where he met stipe.

this cd is pretty awful, but maybe in a tolerable way. most of the songs are horrifically off-key. i suppose it's funny. or it used to be. twelve years ago.


edwardfisher29660679 said...
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Anonymous said...

I paid money in college to see Greg Brady speak. And then I paid for a photo so I could get it autographed. I'm sharing this painful memory to let you know that you are not alone. Hang in there.