Sunday, September 11, 2005

things i recommend

1. thousand waves spa, chicgo: ladies only. one-hour massage. eucalyptus sauna, whirlpool, steam room. lots of naked women, but none that you'd really actually want to see naked. i went today, i had gone in maybe april, and i think i now owe it to myself to throw down every six months. you leave feeling totally stoned and clean. nice.
2. kanye west. new album, old album, unscripted rants, his pepsi commerical featuring the chicago skyline. i've lived here for 14 months and i still take photos of downtown. he's the city's new favorite son.
3. flaming lips documentary the fearless freaks. wayne is the coolest eternal-8-year-old ever. if you didn't grow up in the rural midwest, you probably wont quite understand how remarkable they are. lovelovelove.
4. "all the love in the world" on the new nine inch nails album.
5. this debbie downer skit still makes me laugh.
6. chicago's ohmyrockness site. there's a new york one, too, for you nyc kool kidz.
7. the magnetic fields' song "washington, dc." how did i not know about this until this week?
8. this article on the uk's worst (celebrated) art. it's funny/sad that the protraits of damon and co. are on the list.
9. people be hating on barbara bush. bout time. bitch.
10. buying popeyes biscuits after the bar. just walk up to the drive-through window.

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