Monday, September 12, 2005

what's really inside

so there was a study done on how much people actually use their ipods as far as capacity is concerned. half, they found, only put 100 songs onto their ipods (which is like the equivalent of about 9 albums) and the average was 375 songs. who ARE these people? why would you spend so much money on something that is merely more convenient than swapping out your cd every day (or, i guess, if you only have 100 songs, every month)? keep in mind that these 1,000+ people were surveyed before the shuffle was introduced, so i bet the bell curve would have sharply dropped had they been included.

i'm not saying that everyone has to own 400 albums and carry them around on their ipod at all times just in case they all of a sudden have to hear that one song from 1983 that they used to really like, but this study is indicative of the fact that people buy shit that they don't need because they feel like they ought to. i have to admit, when my ipod breaks (twice already) and i am forced to commute with my old discman - which, a year ago, was my mainstay - i feel a little bit lame.

i do think it's an interesting dig that they mention that almost no one they polled noted country music as their favorite genre.


Anonymous said...

because people who have ipods also have britney spears cds. or rather, they admitted to having britney spears cds 10 minutes ago... but 10 minutes ago is SO ten minutes ago.

I have a sony discman that I purchased for $60 two years ago. I was fucking stoked because it was 60 bucks, and I can remember when that shit was $250.

you'd think that I was rocking 20 year old technology when I've taken this cd discman onto the L.

assholes look at me like I'm poor and shit for not having white ear buds attached to an ipod with 14 songs that some marketer told me was good.

my friend in NYC told me that the lastest craze was that seeing "white ipod ear buds" really means "mug me."


Tiffers said...

How can you NOT have more than 1000 songs on your iPod? My moods shift so dramatically musically that I could be listening to Eminem followed directly after by Bitch and Animal.