Thursday, September 08, 2005

who names this shit?

so apple is rolling out an ipod phone (for cingular subscribers only) that is unfortunately named the rokr. what, was cheese-o-rama already taken? $250 PLUS a two-year contract with cingular (eh). holds 100 songs. they claim it will play songs for nine hours and has the stand-by time of nine days. sounds a bit dubious, but then again, the term "flash memory" means nothing to a luddite like me - i'm one of those crazy people who doesn't want to have to know how things work, i just want to flip the switch and have it work.

also, the ipod mini is now already obsolete, as the nano is also being introduced - looks okay, like the best features of the shuffle and the mini combined. it appears that the ipod mini is completely off of the apple website - dis! seems like the nano is a pretty good deal if you only need 1,000 songs, and the color screen and photo capacity is nice. i don't understand what the point of the “screen lock feature that allows no one except the user to access content" is. if i am reading that correctly, only i will be able to scroll through my photos or music if i lock it. i mean, i can't tell you how many times i'm busting people looking through my ipod, because i just leave it lying around.

also, madonna is relenting and allowing itunes to sell her songs for a buck a piece (the beatles - err, rather, the various institutions that own the beatles catalogue - are still holding out).

"Madonna made an appearance at the event via a video phone call to announce that she would make her music available for download for the first time. All of the singer’s songs will be offered through the iTunes library. 'I got tired of not being able to download my own music,' Madonna said." and the world gave a collective yawn.

read more here or just go to the apple website.

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Anonymous said...

"rckr" was thought up by a 58 year old bloated fat man who is in charge of "creative marketing" at apple, after a "stellar" career launching exciting new products such as "cool ranch doritos"... "bo jackson just do it nike"... and wrote a book about marketing to generation x in 1997's "slacking, not! a creative marketing guide to breaking through and selling to generation x."

he actually stole the idea for the name "rckr" from his (secretly) pregnant 14 year old daughter, who came up with the name in 3 seconds to get her father to stop following her around the house asking what her and her friends "liked to 'chill' to"... and what to call the new cell phone/mp3 player.

he's accepted sole credit for the product's name.


p.s. I just made that up.