Sunday, September 11, 2005

who travis morrison will always want to be.

today's first shuffle song on ipod: "The Gold Finch and the Red Oak Tree" - Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, from The Tyranny of Distance.

this is a short, pretty, stringed song, all acoustic and sweet. i saw ted leo in dc with tc and hk at the black cat - he's been in the dc scene for years. i should have liked the show more than i did. i feel that way about ted in general: i ought to like him more than i do. there's nothing wrong with him; i just haven't gotten totally into him yet. however, i love the song "do go on" by chisel, his former band, so much that it is #15 on my top-25-songs-played list that the ipod tracks for me. #1 is spoon's "they never got you." i am seriously obsessed with that song. i listen to it every day. there's a certain swagger to it that makes it perfect for walking quickly. so, yes, ted, i will try to get into you. soon. promise.

i just went to his website. he sure does like to leave messages for his fans, and not in a self-indulgent and creepy way like some people. i hope my dc friends go to this.

ps my headline dis is directed at the former head of the dismemberment plan (dc band) and current indie rock solo artist whose album received some of the best reviews i have even read. and when i say "best" i mean "meanest." which is fine for me, because i think travis is an asshole.

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