Tuesday, October 25, 2005

chicago loves its sports, beer and encased meat products. i love two of the three.

this is the first - and most likely last - time that a new york times op-ed made me laugh out loud. it was this line:

when the cold wind whistles off Lake Michigan and rattles windows along the empty streets of Wrigleyville and Lincoln Park, where people are indoors making lattés or banking online or whatever it is Cubs fans do in October . . .

i'm not a cubs fan - ask anyone, the most interest i have in baseball is 1) going to games to eat corndogs and drink beer; 2) going to games when the seats are good because only then will i pay attention; 3) rollie finger's mustache, because i had his placemat from mcdonald's when i was a kid, an he has the creepiest name ever; and 4) how cool the brewers' logo used to be (the m and the b forming a perfect retro glove) - and i am not going to start pretending to be a sox fan just because they will most likely win the world series. but the diss on lincoln park residents and their yuppie concerns was truly magical to me.

i went on a date with a life-long sox fan this summer and he asked if i had gone to any games in chicago. at that point i had gone to one cubs game and one sox game. he asked which i preferred. i told him that i thought that wrigley field was cuter than comiskey park (real name is us cellular field, but i don't acknowledge corporate sponsorship of buildings and structures - it's so tacky). he just sort of looked at me and said, "uh, yeah, it is cuter, i'll give you that."

this is scary to me: In the next week or so, if God lightens up and lets Chicago win its first World Series since 1917, who knows what else might happen? Last time it was the Russian Revolution, followed by a global flu pandemic.

did nostradamus predict that the sox would win the series in 2005 and then everyone would be wiped out by avian flu? I HATE BIRDS and they are going to be the root cause of my death, i just know it.

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Anonymous said...

i hear rollie fingers gives free mustache rides...