Monday, October 31, 2005

cover bands are, by and large, sad.

today's first shuffle song: "Go Your Own Way" - Seaweed, from the Clerks soundtrack

yeah, i don't know who seaweed is, either. clerks actually doesn't hold up very well - i used to think it was like the very definition of rollicking hilarity, but sf and i watched it not too long ago and i found it to be annoying, and the acting is awful. this is a cover of the fleetwood mac song that everyone knows. the soundtrack, which i have owned since high school, also has the song "chewbacca," by some band called super nova, which i love - "chewbacca! chewy! what a wookie!"

fleetwood mac - the last time i heard a cover of their songs, other than today, was not too long ago, when i was in orlando for work. my company rented out a hotel bar and hired a band and there was a dj that spun some disco and dance music when the band was setting up and in between sets. when the dj was spinning people were on the floor, but when the band played, people hung back and drank and grazed at the buffet. i think it has a lot to do with the fact that no one really knows how to dance to "edge of seventeen" (just like a white-winged dove, sings a song, sounds like she's singing whoo whoo whoo) except for stevie nicks, and everyone knows that she breathed coke for two decades straight. seriously, they knew exactly what to play to clear the floor. no one dances to "are you gonna go my way?" - they just don't.

so at one point when the band was on a break, i was outside smoking with some co-workers and the bassist was outside, too, and the singer, who was wearing a corset, came out and said to him, "i can't wait until 11 when they open the doors because these people are BORING." bitch, i can hear you, i'm standing right here. perhaps you should re-evaluate your band - playing covers at an orlando hotel bar on saturday nights - and understand that you just made a shitload more money playing a business function than you would have had it just been the same depressing orlando townies that, again, go to hotel bars on saturday nights. because when they opened the doors at 11, i saw them. and promptly left.

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