Sunday, October 30, 2005

custard pie

ag just sent me a custard pie e-card, and i had totally forgotten about that site and how completely awesome it is. my black and cynical heart laughs heartily at its expense. part of me thinks that there is no way that the website isn't an elaborate ironic joke poking fun at people who think that beanie babies are adorable, maya angelou is the bestest poetess, and that the best way to tell someone that you care about them is to send them a shitty e-card featuring tinny songs, crap graphics and lame poetry. but i just love the fact that this is serious.

it is, right? the weird section on snails aboard the columbia spaceship is really freaking me out.

why would you send someone an e-card with the subject line "You Are Breaking My Heart"? and be sure to check out the songs that you can choose from. "theme from naked gun"?

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