Wednesday, October 12, 2005


ag and i started typing (and later saying) "tears" rather than "that makes me sad" or "how depressing" as a direct result of using the stupid crying yellow face emoticon over IM on ms messenger, back when i could get away with IMing at my job (not so much anymore). emoticons are lazy and dumb, but sometimes they do the trick. we thought that the crying emoticon was super lame because, really, if you're that busted up over something, maybe calling the person you are IMing with is in order.

but this is great - a blogger posted some celebrity emoticons. the tom cruise is my favorite.

ag and i were also fond of the one that i guess is supposed to be "sleepwalking" - we would put it in and type "the leprachaun wants to hug you."

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Anonymous said...

If it weren't for the "torn heart," "tears" and "impotent rose" emoticons, I wouldn't have had the language to deal with what I was feeling when we broke up.