Tuesday, October 18, 2005

en·fi·lade (nf-ld, -läd) n. Gunfire directed along the length of a target, such as a column of troops.

today's first song on shuffle: "Enfilade" - At the Drive-In, from Relationship of Command

the "hello, mother leopard, i have your cub" ransom phone call at the beginning is kinda retarded, but this song, once it gets going, is pretty hott. i saw atdi in dc at the black cat in the winter of 2001 with ps. my friend ew got me their album for my 24th bday and i wanted to see them. they didn't take the stage until like 11:30 and at that point i was trashed. i remember how sweaty the crowd was, how loud and rocking the show was, and that i liked their fros. god do i miss working 10-6.

when i worked at the coffee house in college i was mildly obsessed with cutting large colorful kool-fonted letters out of magazines and i made an advertisement for near the cash register - it said "buy a cup of coffee or the kid gets it" like it was a ransom note. i wish i took that when i graduated.

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