Thursday, October 27, 2005

fast fashion

today's first song on shuffle: "Pleasure, Little Treasure" - Depeche Mode, from 101

so i have a ton of depeche mode. i know that they just came out with a new album, which i have almost no interest in, because really, how many times can they keep making the same record? they were always style over substance, and smack addict 40 year olds really haven't been my thing since hutchence (accidentally?) killed himself. but i have way too many depeche mode cds - i took it upon myself to buy import box sets of their singles when i was in college (there are like six sets - great investment!) so i have way more than i care to listen to. anyone need a copy of an extended dance remix of "master and servant"?

i got into dm in high school - i would go over to my first gay boyfriend's house after school and we would listen to dm and talk smack about people. he also used to cut my hair. i can only imagine how hard it was to be gay in sucksville at the age of 15. everyone always knew he was gay - the linda evangelista photos in his locker were a pretty bad beard. i had two dm tshirts (black, of course - always black) that i wore until they were literally so threadbare that i think my dad threw them out when i was in college - this would be after i had sewn up the holes in the shoulders.

i still like dm, old dm. they sorta lost me around "songs of faith and devotion," although the live album from that tour (which i own, of course) has a really beautiful song called "condemnation" that features a gospel choir (sort of the key point when knowing that a band has jumped the shark). some of their stuff from the 80s still holds up well - it can be pretty hott.

oh, and i have for the masses: a tribute to depeche mode, which is a truly horrible album. i probably bought it for the cure covering "world in my eyes," but you don't know the definition of bad until you've heard rammstein covering "stripped." they sound like herman munster trying to be sexy.

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