Monday, October 03, 2005

IT is not my favorite book.

tc sent this to me, knowing full well how i feel about clowns. this article says that, while annoying to hospital staff and doctors, people who volunteer as clowns actually help the sick children they visit. i am eternally grateful for never having been ill as a child, partly because i don't think i could have survived a scaryass clown standing over my bed with a sinister painted-on smile telling me that the medicine is good for me. this reminds me of a girl that lived next to ag and i in the dorm: she told us, nonchalantly, that she had used to "clown." like, she used it as an adverb. we grilled her for more information and laughed and told her it was creepy and she was super defensive about it. she went to hospitals dressed as a clown, and while noble to want to help sick kids, dude, that's frightening. ag and i once left a slice of deli ham on her doorknob and wrote "circus music" phonetically on her dry-erase board - it was something like "do do dah do do, do do do," which only served to piss her off all over again. what can i say - clowns are fucked up and ag and i were total drunkards.

the photo on the right is from the smoking gun - it's a mug shot with the guy's ringling brothers employment photo comparison. he was busted for kiddie porn. coincidince? NO.

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Anonymous said...

the clown music was "do do do do do do do do do do." there was no "dah" involved. and the ol' ham-on-the-doorknob is a Sicilian message, meaning "clown lives here."