Tuesday, October 25, 2005

the life for me

today's first shuffle song: "Ça Plane Pour Moi" - Plastic Bertrand, from "An 1"

what i know about this song: it is in french, which i know about 20 words of. plastic bertrand is one belgian guy who made a lot of shitty disco songs into the 80s. this song came out in 77 and is totally catchy with its ramones guitars and beach boys "wha-oooh-wha-oooh." my friend ps used to borrow a car and come pick me up in the winter of 2000 to go see shows and explore new bars. i absolutely adore him and he is missed - he moved to nyc after dc and is now in togo (peace corps). this was on a mix tape he used to play (he's fluent en français) and we would bob along in the car and chant in french, trying to warm up because his friend's car was kinda shitty and the heater sucked.

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