Friday, October 14, 2005

my skin is crawling

ecf forwarded another gem from nyc craig's list. anyone need a totally insane roommate?

there is a lot to say about this fellow - like how he is brimming with homoerotic desire no matter how much he really wants to tell you about being straight, and he is clearly a sociopath who has very unhealthy relationships with women - but really i don't even want to get into it.

if you email/harrass him, please forward to me. you'll be my hero.

$800 - Str8 dude looking for cool and Fraternity-friendly roommate

Reply to:

Date: 2005-10-13, 8:56PM EDT


I'm going to be very upfront and honest. I am a straight (but not narrow), laid back dude, who is looking for someone laid back and cool to find an apt together with. I'm thinking we could get a 2bed for around 1800-2000, or if you're willing to live in a living room, I've seen 1 bedrooms for 1600 (I'll pay more and take the bedroom).

Here are MUSTS:
NO SMOKERS - NO EXCEPTIONS - I don't care if you "just smoke outside."NO!
I need someone CLEAN. For example, if you use the same sponge to washthe floor and your dishes, we WON'T get along.
NO NOISY folks, thanks.

Now I said I'm going to be totally upfront. Here's more info that you need to know - I like to watch porn, and I'm not ashamed to be asexually-active 27 yo male. I like to walk around in my boxers, and Ihave hook-ups over. I am also 100% gay friendly. So I don't care if you're straight, gay, bi, whatever.

I am the president of a local fraternity, and we do consensual gangbangs on girls about once a month (in hotel rooms). Wanted to be upfront about that as well. It's a big part of who I am. It's a really great fraternity. We're all about male bonding, and guys just being guys and having a great time and using women - hell yeah! If you're cool and in shape, maybe you can even join in on the fun!

So basically, I'm looking to live in an apt where I can be myself, aplace where I can be a guy. So if you're looking for a cool roommate to get a place with, email me at (We can figure out where in Manhattan to find a place).


Me said...

That's just a classic!! Love it!! I want to join!

Anonymous said...

well,... look how pathetic all of these fuckwads are.

GANGBANGS? yeah, dudes like this need to either pay for it, rape it, or get some 19 year old slut drunk to get laid.

frat boys are losers. they have to pay dues in order to have a sense of social worth. and they're dipshits.

they just don't know... neither do the stupid bitches who date them and then move in Lincoln park.

lostsatellite said...

at first I had a little laugh at his unintentional slurring of "a sexually active" to "asexually active", and thought that would be an amusing new phrase I could use...

but that whole gangbang thing disturbed the shit out of me...please tell me that the DUs at Carthage didn't do crap like's a big part of who he is to get together with other guys and "use" women?...

so many people of this world frighten me...

Anonymous said...

Dream roommate!!!
The Gangbanging? I thought that just happens in an alternate universe.
And the porn????
I want to know how the last roommate dealt with this.

I want to be his roommate...because he's probably hot and only six pack away from...homosexual sex! YEAH!!!