Monday, October 03, 2005

nerd alert: a new cure for boredom

just what i needed: a new way to ignore the rest of my life (aka "a hobby"). old dc co-worker and friend ns was in town last week - we met for dinner and way too many drinks (what compelled me to do shots with a cute boy - prematurely graying, which i heart so very much - is beyond me, as i came home and puked) and she told me all about the express' new feature, sudoku, which is all the rage in nerd circles. i fucking LOVE the express - it's the free daily that the washington post hands out at the dc metro, and i would read it on my way to work and do the crossword on the way home. it replaced reading novels on my commute to the point where i haven't read a novel in a long time - i'm much too preoccupied with magazines and papers and websites to actually immerse myself with something as outmoded as a pile of pages bound together by one author telling one complex story. i don't bother with the chicago free papers, though, red eye (the trib) and red streak (sun-times). if i can't have the post i don't want anything. if they have sudoku, though, i might rethink my dismissal.

check out sudoku here - like a crossword with numbers that doesn't require math or real skill other than observation skills and patience. jesus help me.

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