Sunday, October 30, 2005

reading is lame, yo.

awesome website: overheard in new york.

here is a great one from this month:

Bitch, Please! Her Favorite Candy is Nose

NYU girl: So my friend had a class with Mary-Kate--
NYU boy: Uh huh.
NYU girl: --and they were all going around saying what their favorite books were. But when it got to Mary-Kate, she just said, "Well, my favorite candy is a Tootsie Roll."

--Chipotle, East 8th Street


c said...

as if she would even eat a tootsie roll. bitch hasn't had a piece of candy in the last decade.

Hector said...

I *heart* that website.

SarahReznor said...

yeah, DIET Tootsie Roll...

the syracusan said...

Girl: Oh my god, what is that smell?
Boy: Yeah, what is that?
Hobo fort: It's my big fat cock!

--57th & 6th