Sunday, October 16, 2005

so it goes

the washington post interviews kurt vonnegut: he's old, he's salty, he wants to sue the cigarette industry for not killing him yet. i secretly love curmudgeons. god knows i know enough of them.

i took a twain/vonnegut class in college and my vonnegut books ended up being over-underlined (and i was pleasantly surprised to learn that mark twain actually wasn't as boring as i had expected). welcome to the monkey house is still my favorite collection; i have read it probably four times since i bought a used copy from the 70s at a book drive when i was 19.

i can't believe he's still alive, and he can't either.


Sarah P said...

I'm glad you posted this or I might have missed it. I heart KV. I was surprised to see mentioned in the article that critics weren't such fans of "Timequake" (his latest--as in like 7 years ago--novel.) I really liked it.

Anonymous said...

i have one word for you, and one word only: rhino-sau-saurus.