Monday, October 03, 2005

some links, some rambling

in case you're looking for someone, nevada's clark county coroner office has unidentified bodies and autopsy photos posted online. um, BARF. why this is accessible to just anyone is beyond me. click here if corpses are your thing.

kanye and mike meyers meet up again backstage at snl. watch here.

jim jarmusch's notes for a new ghostbusters sequel, compliments of mcsweeney's.

i typically hate andy rooney and his miserly, curmudgeonly ways (my seventeen-year-old self is still indignant over his mean-spirited commentary after kurt blew his brains out) but this is shit that maybe even my grandma will listen to. when even andy rooney is telling you that the war is a joke, it can't be long before the aarp crowd starts pissing and moaning like they do so well. as tb said in his forward to me, "props to andy, usually he wastes his two minutes of air time pondering 'junk mail.'" watch here. btw, hasn't he been elderly for like 35 years?

ecf sent out this excellent article about patrick deuel, the nebraskan man that lost 537 pounds (down from 1,072), with the subject line "hottie alert." i love that this man is married. he's not just married - he placed an ad in the paper, told his suitors that he was physically challenged, and he still found a lady. well, he WAS only 700 pounds when they met, so i guess she might be a little frustrated that he really let himself go after the wedding, but they're still together. that brings a fat, salty tear to my eye, to think that there is indeed someone out there for everyone. mmmm. salt.

i must say, i am pretty disappointed with friendster's decision to display who has been looking at your profile. i turned that function off in my options, as i really don't want to be held accountable for the cyberstalking i commit on a daily basis. i will say, however, that i appreciate the randomness of seeing who has been looking at my page. i'm talking to you, dan, mark, luke and stan, whomever you may be. (oh, who am i kidding. i know who they are now. sorta. i looked back. but they wont be able to know, and i prefer that.)

thanks to rm, ecf and tb for the above links and for always keeping me entertained at work.


Anonymous said...

so i went and looked - coz i didnt know about it - and turns out that 24 people checked out my profile but not even 1 lousy comment on any of my posts... meaning they all thought i was so boring they didnt even bother to say hi... thanks for making my day... :(

i'm mostly kidding.

lostsatellite said...

you're the second person I know to have commented on that particular Andy Rooney bit...that's one thing I happened to catch on 60 Minutes last week...I did think he was pretty insightful, and I was blown away by Eisenhower's warning that I never realized he even said...I saw one of his endpieces over the summer or something that was also about the gross amount of money that's put toward the military, for planes that hardly get used,'s obscene how much of the budget goes toward the military, and how things like the schools and libraries have to scramble for dollars and make all kinds of cuts...

I cannot even fathom someone being over a thousand pounds...

and I didn't realize that Friendster did that...I guess I would be curious about the three people that ever look at my profile in a given month, but I definitely don't want my own cybervoyeurism to be tracked...