Tuesday, October 11, 2005

um, SONGS IN THE KEY OF LIFE it is not.

here's a short review of liz phair's new album, somebody's miracle:

the best thing about it is that she used the valley of the dolls font for her cover art.

it is that bad. it's not excruciating - except for when she strains into a soprano voice on "wind and the mountain" - but it is zzzzzzzzzzzz boring. i didn't know that she was a part of the joanna newsom weirdo-rock movement where the more off-key you could be the better you think your song is. too bad joanna is charming with her creepy lyrics while liz is satisfied with rhyming "bad" with "sad." gone are the interesting lyrics and, while not musically the most gifted songwriter or guitarist, at least her songs used to have some compelling bite and edge to them. now she's just hilary duff's milf.

i didn't think that being the poor man's sheryl crow could be considered a career move, but it seems like liz is perfectly content being pointless these days.

at least the last album had "my bionic eyes" on it. i have listened to this album three times since i bought it sunday and i still haven't decided if there are any songs that stand out from the mush of same-sounding mediocrity. in case you're interested, i have posted it for $7.50 on amazon.com's used music section.

and what the fuck was she talking about when she said that this was meant to be a response to stevie wonder's songs in the key of life like how exile in guyville was a response to the stones? you can't just make up shit like that to get attention and seem like maybe you put some thought into your new batch of assembly-line songs. ps: the macaroni and cheese i made last night was actually a performance art piece in response to the gripping paranoia of avian bird flu.

pitchfork's review: they're pissed that they wasted a 0.0 rating on the last one.

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