Tuesday, October 18, 2005

wanna barf?

three vomit-worthy things to check out (in varying degrees of sickness):

what would you do for an ipod nano? take a dick in the nose? lick your friend's ball? how about take a shower that leaves you dirtier than you were when you started? some creepy american u students with too much money (my college bday parties' favors were always "i got some cups - did you bring the booze?") and too-loose definitions of "acceptable" vied for a nano AND THEN TALKED TO THE DC CITY PAPER ABOUT IT. thanks for the link, hbs.

em sent me this, just wondering if i was interested. my definition of "fundies" is pretty different.

rm sent me this article from salon about men and their dolls. the dolls that they are married to, or at least dress up, heat with electric blankets to keep pliable, and make sweet sweet love to. i had a hard time getting the salon link to work for a few days but i got to read the article today, and now i see that it's all "cannot find server" again. keep checking, though, and it IS worth it to watch the required advertisement if you're not a salon subscriber. desperately sad but completely riveting. and i just threw up a little in the back of my throat, but i swallowed it, so it's okay.


timmy c. said...

I sure hope this Jeff Schneidman never gets googled while applying for a job -- the City Paper article is the first link on the page.

lostsatellite said...

Fundies are a classic gag gift. Unlike other gag gifts, you can imagine someone actually bringing these home and trying to use them. Ewww. Perhaps you had better not imagine that.

haha, that description just cracks me up...