Monday, November 21, 2005

bunch of random crap

the regional kids and the "coasties" (lame term) at uw-madison want to rumble. it's just the classic midwesterners-are-corn-field-hicks and east-coast-or-west-coast-kids-are-spoiled-ass-brats argument, and neither of them are necessarily true. the coastal pains in the ass that they describe are exact replicas of who i see on a daily basis here in lincoln park, and i knew plenty of uncool and unwealthy social retards out east. stop the hate - just drink some cheap booze and hook up, kids - that's what college is for.

this is why i love academia: studying why bad saturday morning tv shows featuring cardboard sets and k-mart clothes is a dangerous medium for proliferating stereotypes and poisoning our culture - an essay entitled "Hey, hey, hey, hey! What is going on here? How Saved By The Bell turned a generation racist, sexist, and classist." thanks for the forward, cd.

i actually really admire kanye for talking about homophobia, especially in the hip-hop world. while he doesn't really step up and tell people to stop being hateful retards, he does admit that he struggles with his own homophobia and is trying to come to terms with it. i can't say that it's really all that admirable that he is finally okay with travelling with his gay interior decorator. that's not really a remarkable stance; plus, why would you take your decorator on the road with you, j-lo? (second item on page).

i'm a big fan of needlepoint and cross-stitch. correction: of COOL needlepoint and cross-stitch. i have been working on this for a year (i only craft in the winter - i'll be bringing it out again soon). it's for my bathroom. click here for some pretty rad celebrity mugshots rendered in thread.

it's old, but it's good: click here for one of the worst videos ever produced. dude is hideous, the song is awful, and i didn't know that in order to be patriotic you had to have horrible fashion sense and cavort with angels. are they angels or winged fairies? why he doesn't ride off into the rainbow on a pegasus is beyond me - probably not in the budget. instead he disappears into explosions of light. which makes me wonder: is he god?

if you thought that was bad, click here for video clips. here is an FAQ about the show, which features a crazy elderly piano teacher's students singing on peoria's public access channel. just watch the first if you can only tolerate one - you'll get the idea.

remember this? dude. interesting that the guy that started it felt a need to sign off and offer a final thought (just like springer).

also: a page of mp3s of remixes of depeche mode's violator. pretty good.